About Us

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Welcome to One You One Spot, a Canadian-owned digital business card service founded by a couple who are passionate about creating a more sustainable future. We believe that every person has a unique identity that should be celebrated and showcased to the world. Our mission is to provide holistic, professional, and convenient solutions that help you stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals.

As environmentalists, we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, and that’s why we created One You One Spot. By eliminating the need for printed business cards, we are committed to lessening our impact on the environment. With our innovative and user-friendly digital business cards, you can easily share your contact information with potential clients, partners, and collaborators, while reducing paper waste and contributing to a cleaner planet.

At One You One Spot, we believe in the power of community and the value of diversity. We are dedicated to helping every individual achieve success by highlighting their unique strengths and talents. Our platform offers a one-stop-shop to showcase your professional identity, making it easy for you to promote yourself and connect with others.

We are a couple who are committed to growing together and helping others achieve their goals. With One You One Spot, we aim to empower people to be their best selves, while contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous future. Join us today and discover the power of one you to showcase one spot.