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Crystal Larocque

I'm Crystal, your creator here.

Though I may not have been sewing for eons, my journey with needles and threads began when I was just a young dreamer. This year, I decided to rekindle that passion, and it's been an adventure learning the basics all over again!

I dabble in sewing and embroidery part-time, and let me tell you, it's my zen zone!

Some of my all-time fave creations include a customized apron, a chic cosmetic bag, and even a snazzy pair of pants! As winter approaches, I've got some exciting plans in store—think Fanny packs, matching tops for those pants, and cozy mittens! Plus, I'm all about sustainability, so I'm learning to repurpose materials like a pro.

Your support means the world to me on this creative journey, so please hit that like and follow button to help me reach my art goals!

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